AIR + KILOMETERS announces the release of “Where Are They?” the third of 12 monthly singles created and released during 2018. “Where Are They?” was released worldwide on 30 March 2018.

Soundcloud link:

“Where Are They?” – an experimental Drum & Bass composition – takes the music of AIR + KILOMETERS on a sonic journey to the outer limits. Inspired by Enrico Fermi’s seminal question regarding the probability of extraterrestrial life, “Where Are They?” Itself is paradoxical in nature, marrying dark, haunting, atmospheric synths with driving and pulsating Drum & Bass elements.

“Where Are They?” is ideal listening for fans of Autechre, The Upbeats, Noisia, Black Sun Empire, et al.

AIR + KILOMETERS is instrumental electronic music produced by Anthony Rodriguez from the wilds of Northern Nevada, USA, and made for dreamers. For the entirety of 2018, AIR + KILOMETERS will be producing one single a month as a real-time album creation experiment entitled Threshold.
The first two singles of the Threshold project have garnered positive mentions in online publications worldwide:

“A world of beat, expert synths, and melody with character.” – IGGY Magazine (France)

“Heavy, authentic and simply thunderous. Well-rounded and splendid.” – Sound of Now (UK)

“Remarkably unique and engaging. Genuinely electrifying…innovative and forward-thinking.” – The Bandcamp Diaries (US)

“A delicious concoction for the discriminating ear that bulldozes over the status quo.” – Glitter and Stilettos (US)

“F*ck yeah.” – KMS Music (Germany)

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