There’s an unbreakable power in her sensual, and versatile voice. Solai brings with her the snazz, pizzazz and rhythmic unstoppable talent that noone has delivered quite like her. Solai, (artist name (SOH-lay) has been under wraps – recording every now and then from generally local areas. But, with recording gurus-she has found her stride and broke out with this new single ‘Not Home’.

Written with heartfelt tears and emotions – Solai delivers it with passion, conviction and heartfelt emotion.

This singer/songwriter, slips into a world of heart-wrenching passion and pulls you in to indulge in this classic R&B mellow jam: ‘Not Home’. With just the right amount of sway, pizzazz, exotica & intensity – Solai creates a jaw-dropping dynamic experience that proves – what true talent is made of.

Solai adds the magic to R&B and gives it that soulful whip appeal. She has always been known as songwriter first, then singer – but with her new number ‘NOT HOME’ – she is headed to higher ground; outscoring many. ‘WOW’ would be the description you would hear many say about this Philadelphia born artist. Still with much oomph and musical talent, this artist is ready to swing out with her latest and start on her next EP. Singing her debut single has taught her so much of how patience is still yet a virtue and how taking one step at a time has to be her main course.

Solai (pronounced SOH-lay) is her artist name derived from the simple base word soul, and thus from the soul she lays it all out regarding relationships, life, family and God. This artist has so much to offer as she has maintained a steady profile slowly rising up from grass roots efforts to continuously growing in the music industry locally and worldwide.

It is with great pleasure that true-to-form artists & musicians: dretracks & the brass are continuously amazed by her talent. Talent that she doesn’t take for granted. It wasn’t too long ago that Solai experienced the sometimes-debilitating effects of MS, as she has been diagnosed with it for several years now.

Her song ‘Not Home’ was inspired by her own memories of sitting and waiting in agony for a phone call and having to emotionally get up the gall to call him just to know, just to hear his voice, just to feel a little something good; but to no avail. The song was written well over ten years ago, but never got its melody until just a few years ago. So, you see, this artist has many talents: that of songwriting, singing, some composition and even choreography. Solai is one that can surely NOT be missed. With such vastness of music capabilities, Solai won’t be found sitting still. Her listing of scheduled events are listed below:

Monday, March 5th – full song reveal (lyric video) on social media Friday, March 9th – full song reveal (lyric video) on social media (Every Monday & Friday until further notice) Friday, March 16th – 1st pre ordering Tuesday, March 20th – final pre order Friday, March 23rd – Launch date

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